Become a Professional Biker in Your Own Home With Tacx Fortius Trainer

The famous virtual trainer – Tacx Fortius Trainer enables you to ride like a professional biker from your very own home. You can use this virtual trainer to enhance your stamina and sharpen your biking skill, all within your house. Although it is like a computer game, however, it is designed to give you real experience where the brake system functions similar to you driving on actual lands through hills and slopes.

There are multiple different types of ride to choose from such as leisure ride or a race. When you select to be part of a competition, you can even train with multiple riders. You can watch them race alongside you from the screen. Accidents are also designed into the game where the sounds and crashes are as real as possible.

From the screen, data on speed and heart rate are displayed. One main benefit of having Tacx Fortius Virtual Reality Trainer in your house is that you are able to train every other day regarding of the weather. You will be in your top form during the actual race.

With this piece of home trainer, you will enjoy training and keep you motivated, as you can choose various different terrains to ride on and have fun racing with your friends. Tacx Fortius Trainer is sold for about $1499. You won’t regret this investment by keeping you always on the top form.

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You will be surprised that professional bikers always keep a home workout equipment that can keep them in top form all year round, especially during off seasons. For normal people who would just like to keep themselves in good shape and have a good fitness training, this virtual training system can sure satisfied them too. Tacx Fortius is indeed one of the best home fitness systems you can have, not only for exercises, but exercises with lots of fun.

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  2. […] is the sole purpose of Tacx Fortius Trainer. This may be the trainer being talked about on the touring circuit, and here’s why. Tacx […]

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