Can you exercise effectively at home without the regular gym visit?

For me exercise is as necessary for survival as eating and drinking. When I don’t exercise for a few days I feel sluggish and fat and my body starts losing its muscle tone.

Well, at the place I stay, I used to go to the gym run by a local gentleman, whose list of clients is impressive and includes many dancers and actors and actresses as well as solicitors, housewives and people from all walks of life.

He uses a method based on centuries-old Oriental techniques, most of the exercises are done on fitness machines such as the elliptical, treadmills and other stretching equipments. There are also trainer at the gym to guide you through the Oriental exercises and stretching. I have seen participants who have lost weight and firm up their body. The results are amazing to watch.

However, as my hectic life started to kick in, it is harder and harder for me to go to the gym. My visits to the gym become lesser and lesser. I was thinking back then, I have to find a solution to this. How could I easily have access to the exercises on a daily basis and continue to uphold my healthy lifestyle amidst all the family and office works.

Finally, I decided to install a home gym. Not only I can get the benefit of it, but my whole family can enjoy a healthy exercise regime. How convenient and nice that is. I am still in the progress of installing it with more home workout equipments. One that I have is certainly the Tacx Fortius VR. It makes the home exercises so much fun and really keep you fit.

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