Importance of Keeping Fit

Look at some six month old or six year old children. See how they never stop moving. Each and every muscle in their tiny bodies is constantly employed. The six month old is experimenting – starting to use and build the muscles that should last a lifetime. Alas this isn’t always so. As they progress into adulthood the way they use their bodies starts to change, and they move and exercise less and less.

Look at a eight year old kid. Even in front of the television she will be moving, pushing her legs up and down, turning over on her tummy, stretching each and every part of herself. She never walks if she can run, she never sits if she can stand.

Compare this with the average twenty-five year old. ‘Walk ? What not me, I’m going in a bloody taxi’ – or a bus, or a car’. At the department store the adults are queuing to use the lifts for one or two floors – it’s the teenagers who gleefully climb the stairs two or three at a time, their bodies filled with the vigor and vitality that starts evaporating in the mid-twenties and thirties, until by the forties the average man or woman is hard pressed to climb two flights of stairs without huffing and puffing like an aged dinosaur.

And why? Because they’re plain out of practice at the simple and old-fashioned method of physical activity. A game of golf or tennis once a week maybe, a walk to the pub or the shops, and of course two weeks of summer holidays lounging about in a deck chair – but hardly anybody, with the exception of heavy manual laborers, does nearly enough natural bodily exercise.

So here you are, anywhere between twenty-five and fifty, and your body has turned into a mechanism you just can’t control. It’s too late, you think; after all these years of abuse or non-use, how can this body be saved?

Well I say it is possible, depending on your desire and with a little bit of will power and discipline thrown in. A keep-fit regime, if stuck to for the rest of your life, can bring you energy, vitality and fitness you never knew you had. To achieve results you must train yourself to new permanent attitudes towards exercise. Physical fitness is just as important as good eating habits, and if the body is properly used, toned and cared for it has less problems as we age.

You may ask, ‘what would be a convenient and easy way to build up the discipline for a keep-fit regime?’ Of course, you can install at home workout equipment. There are various different home workout equipments you can choose from. Click here to read more regarding Tacx Fortius Trainer which is a home virtual reality fitness trainer.

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  1. Ronny Marci says:

    who knew treadmills could be used for a full body workout? It was news to me and interesting to find out. Take care!

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