More stretching tips before workout

Here are more stretching tips you can perform conveniently within your home. You can do that before and after a workout or fitness regime in your home gym. Make sure you do not bounce or jerk during the stretching exercise.

Legs crossed and toes touched – Stand with left leg crossed over the right leg with legs together and straight while you lean forward and attempt to touch your toes. Then cross the right leg over the left leg and perform the same stretch to touch the toes. If you easily touch your toes, then attempt to reach the back of the heels.

Sit and touch your toes – Sit on the floor with your legs together and straight in front of them. Attempt to use both hands to touch and hold your toes.

Ankle swirls – Stand balanced on one foot while you extend the other leg slightly out in front of them and rotate the ankle and foot of the extended leg. The rotation should be performed in both directions.

Lead and slide – Stand with your legs about shoulders width apart and your arms by their sides. Lean first to the left while sliding the left hand and arm as far down the left side of the body as possible. Then to the right while sliding the right hand and arm as far down the right side of the body as possible.

Lie down and touch your toes – Lie flat on your backs with the left leg straight out on the floor, and the right leg lifted upward. Then attempt to hold the toes of the right foot while ensuring that this leg remains straight. Then repeat it for the left leg lifted up.

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