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Check Out This Information Before You Buy Tower 200 Body By Jake machine
The Tower 200 Body By Jake are an exercising device designed by Body by Jake. This machine offers a resistance of about 200 pounds. All you need is just installing it in a standard door and then you can use 200 different kinds of exercising routines. The numerous workout positions ensure that users of the device will have vast practice options to choose from and hence would not get bored.

Tower 200 Body By Jake

Body by Jake Tower 200
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Here's some of the benefits we discovered -

  • Have different resistance levels you can set to suit your training level
  • Assembly only requires the standard door
  • Limited workout duration
  • Offers free trial 30 day program with free shipping
Tower 200 Body By Jake is designed to be used in exercising for 11 minutes only. It has 3 resistance levels marked by different colors that include: red, black and grey representing 40, 35 and 25 ponds respectively. Assembling of the device is simple with any standard sized door.

Tower 200 by Jake’s key features:

  • It has over 200 exercise programs you can use hence you will not get bored with training.
  • Assembling is easy since you only require a standard sized door and then you can mount your device to start exercising.
  • The steel frames used in making the device gives it a solid feeling allowing you to feel secure when you are exercising.
  • You only require 11 minutes training hence allowing you surplus time to run your errands.

Who is the Tower200 gym best for?

Tower 200 gym is most suitable for beginner trainers. Dinosaurs in the bodybuilding industry might find this program too simple and may hence find it unsuitable workout program.

The numerous exercise and ease of use is worth the deal. If you are just looking for a machine that will allow you good usability, try this machine out for best starter experience.

Tower 200 reviews from current owners:

By Outofshapedad,
I have been using the machine for one year now and have found it excellent throughout. It is helping me tone up my muscles better. Assembling the machine and exercising is all a piece of cake. This is the only training program I have been able to follow strictly.

By Bahtgunner,
The product can give you great exercise as long as you choose suitable exercising area. In case you choose a wrong a place, a wall may hinder some of the exercise you may want to perform using this machine. My machine had a bad part but the manufacturer was quick to replace the faulty part. I recommend the machine to others.

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