Take time to stretch before exercising

You should take time to stretch before and after your regular exercising session, whether is at home on fitness equipment or at the gym. Each stretching exercise below can be performed for at least 10 seconds.

Reach for your ankles – You stand with legs wide apart. First attempt to reach and hold the left ankle with the right hand, then the right ankle with the left hand, and then the left ankle with the left hand and the right ankle with the right hand at the same time.

Balancing on one leg – You can stand on one leg and bring the other leg up behind them with the knee pointing down. The elevated foot is held behind the back. If you find it difficult to balance on one leg, you can get your friend or family and perform together in pairs. The two of you stand together and each holds on to the other’s shoulder with the spare hand to maintain balance.

One leg up – Stand with legs apart – one in front of the other. The feet, body and head should be turned to one side. You can now bend the front knee so it is also pointing forward, while keeping the back leg straight and lifting it, and keeping the upper body upright. The straight leg should almost be touching the floor. Change directions after 10 or 20 seconds so that the back leg now becomes the front leg.

Lean and lift – Stand with legs wide apart. First lean to the left while bending the left knee and keeping the right leg straight. Then to the right while bending the right knee and keeping the left leg straight.

Squat and push – Crouch down to the squatting position, put your hands on the tops of your feet, and push your legs as far as apart as possible using your elbows and forearms.

Spread and swing – Stand with your legs wide apart and quickly swing the left arm to the right for, the right arm to the left foot and so on. Both arms and legs should be kept straight at all times.

Upper body twist – Stand with feet about shoulder’s width apart and turn the upper body as far in one direction as possible so they are looking behind them. They then turn the upper body as far as possible in the other direction.

Lean sideways – Stand with legs about shoulder’s width apart and hands on hips. Then lean sideways as far as you can in one direction before doing the same tin the other direction.

Touch our toes – Stand with legs together and straight while you lean forward and attempt to reach down to touch your toes. If you find you can easily reach your toes, then you can attempt to touch the back of your heels, still ensuring that your legs remain absolutely straight.

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