Tips For Buying Used Home Workout Equipment

While searching around for value-add information to share with my readers, I found this article on tips for buying second-hand home workout equipment. This would come in handy if you are on a tight budget. Hope you find the information useful. After reading about the tips, you can come up here to check out a virtual reality fitness equipment for your home – the Tacx Fortius Trainer.

Some Tips For Buying Used Home Fitness Equipment
By []Ian Walker

If you have decided that you need to get in better shape and you are looking for some quality exercise equipment, you first need to decide what your fitness goals are. Some people mostly want to build up muscle, some primarily want to lose some excess weight, and some want to work on certain problem areas like the abdomen, while others are looking for more endurance and strength in general but without big muscles. Both in order to get the right equipment and to make it more likely, you will achieve your goals; you should quantify your goals and write them down. For example, you might write that you want to lose 20 pounds in 60 days, or lose inches from your waist measurement in 90 days.

For building up muscles, the best single piece of equipment is weights. There are also a variety of benches, bars, exercise balls, and machines for use either in conjunction with weights or without to build muscle in specific areas. Weights are either, smaller ones designed for use with one hand called dumbbells, or larger ones in which there is a weight on either end of a bar. These are called barbells, and usually you can put different weights on them depending on your strength level. Benches are of three types: incline, decline, and flat, and some have racks on them for holding barbells. There are more elaborate benches, such as the preacher bench, with a pad you rest your elbows on so you can focus on your biceps, or the hyperextension bench for working on your glutes, hamstring, and lower back muscles. Bars include dipping bars for your shoulders and chest, and chin up bars for the back and forearms. Balls can be used instead of a bench, and their movement helps with balance and adds strength to your small stabilization muscles. Machines include the leg press machine that has you push up weights with your legs, and the leg curl machine for your hamstrings.

If you are on a budget, you should buy an all-in-one machine by a manufacturer such as Bowflex, along with some weights and exercise balls. If weight loss or overall cardiovascular fitness rather than muscle buildup is your main goal, you don’t need the machine. Buy your equipment used to save more. The main tips for buying used home fitness equipment successfully are: you should read many reviews of different brands before buying anything, use e-Bay for the best selection of used items, check an e-Bay seller’s feedback and return policy and shipping costs before making a purchase, and use Craigslist for really heavy items like weights that are expensive to ship.

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