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Check Out This Information Before You Buy AB Rocket abdominal machine
All exercise maniacs must have come across AB Rocket reviews that all tends to carry different kinds of information. Ab Rocket is an exercising machine targeted to exercise the abdominal muscles. The machine has got a lot of use in the market especially since it provides a classic usability. Users only require sitting on the chair-like device, laying your hands on the arms-rest and slanting backwards on the backrest.

AB Rocket

AB Rocket
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Here's some of the benefits we discovered -

  • Relatively affordable - approximately $100
  • Easily assembled and broken down for storage purposes
  • It comes with a complete manual to guide you on how to use it correctly
  • Offers free trial 30 day program at only $14.95 and free shipping
Some reviews on AB Rocket claims that the exercising machine is no different from the normal push up exercise but there are notable differences. One of them is the high likelihood of injuring your lower back while doing sit-ups while this seat protects you from this kind of accident.

AB Rocket abdominal list of features:

  • The backrest of the seat is made of rotating cushions that helps in soothing your back when you are exercising. This will help in loosening your muscle tension.
  • The seat like device allows a simple to use style, but effective training method.
  • The movement of the chair will accomplish same benefits of a push up but will also provide you with extra safety precaution to prevent you from getting lower back injuries.
  • It has three resistance levels that allow the user of the device to adjust it to the level that will suit them best.
  • It is made of light materials and hence portable.
  • The machine can be folded to fit in a limited space.

Who is the AB Rocket best for?

This home exercise machine is suitable for people who want to cut off surplus weight and also shape up. Beginners in bodybuilding are the most suited for it since the resistance available might be too easy for veterans.

The AB Rocket abdominal machine can give you smart exercising experience if you follow the recommended instructions. You will however require taking the right diets too.

Reviews for AB Rocket from current owners:

The machine is perfect but I do not give it 5 stars since it was a wrestle when I’m changing the resistance settings. I’m trying to regain shape after two pregnancies and it is doing me good. My 6 years old son struggles with sit ups but he is performing the exercises perfectly with the machine.

By Lisa,
The device allows less resistance than rollers that actually hurt my back. It is a great way to gain smart abs.

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