Tacx Fortius Trainer Review

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The Tacx Fortius Trainer is a virtual reality trainer where you can train up your endurance and stamina by cycling in virtual locations with virtual racers. You will get the actual feel as though you are cycling on physical locations.

This software system is pre-loaded with three different terrains – Atlantis, Olympus, Callisto. You get to familiarize and train yourself up on these different tracks and terrains, all from the comfort of your own home. By connecting the Tacx Fortius to your PC, you can view the console from your monitor. Within this software system, there are animated tracks or live video tracks, fun riding or competitive riding. Not only that, you can also select where you want to cycle to – Spain, Italy, France or other countries.

Tacx Fortius Trainer

Tacx Fortius Virtual Reality Trainer
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Here's some of the benefits we discovered -

  • Train from your home anytime despite bad weathers
  • Take part in cycling races alongside virtual riders
  • Take pleasure rides through various sceneries within your house
  • Build up endurance and skill by cycling through different terrains
In addition to the locations and scenery, there are also important data captured such as your heart beats, speed, the wind direction and how long you take to complete a race. Most importantly, although it is a virtual reality cycling, but it imitate real movements, real braking resistance and also create real crashing incidents. You can experience the same cycling just like you are cycling through real hills and slopes.

Through your race too, you will bump into virtual cyclists. Their movements also can be as real as you would like it too. Sometimes, they cheers, shouts as they race pass you. And as part of the training, accidents might occur with those virtual racers. The goal of Tacx Fortius Virtual Reality Trainer is to make it as real as possible for you. Our daily weather changes, seasons changes, and guess what, the trainer has that built in too. There are options for sunny, rainy, and different seasons.

There are times where you would just like to have a leisure ride, cycling through different places, enjoying the scenery. Yes, you name it, Tacx Fortius Trainer has that too. All those are pre-loaded into the software, you can easily configure which places you would like to visit. You can cycle at so many places around the world, all make possible from your very own home. Not only that, the speed is also compatible where you can see the scenery pass by faster as you increase your cycling speed.

From these various features, you will never get bored from your home workouts anymore. Imagine that you can exercise and keep yourself fit from your living room by cycling throughout so many places in the world. You can train all year long, during rainy days and winter months too. Without a second thought, this at home workout system truly worth your investment.

You can secure one in your home for about $1499. It is such a good bargain for this high-tech interactive trainer. What you need to have is computer with at least Intel Pentium IV processor, XP or Vista platform with at least 1 MB memory. And of course, you need a sound card and graphic card.

Tacx Fortius Trainer is the perfect home fitness trainer. No more gym or expensive cycling trips. Train from your very own living room.

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Includes 1 year web racing license.
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