Teeter Hang Ups Review

Teeter Hang Ups is a therapeutic inversion table wherein a person can invert himself facing the floor. This special product is made to relieve pain from back pains which many people endure in their lifetime. Inversion therapy is natural because gravity is what it takes to strengthen the stomach and back muscles for resisting back force. Read the below Teeter Hang Ups review before buying.

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This revolutionary inversion table is sturdy and easy to use. All you need to do is to place your ankles in the ankle holder and you are upside down. Even if you are too heavy, the wide base of the inversion table will keep you hanging as long as you like. Fold it and you can easily store it in the tight corners of your house.

Teeter Hang Ups Benefits:

By using Teeter Hang Ups regularly, you don’t need to experience back pains anymore. The gravity pull from the torso upwards helps the stomach and back muscles to stretch and prepare for another long and tiring work the next day. Lastly, it increases blood circulation since blood can flow fully on the heart and the brain.

This product is perfect for:

Teeter hang Ups are great for working people who have to stand up in long hours or frequently carry heavy objects such as sales ladies, security guards and carpenters. It is also perfect for people who are sitting all day and for middle-aged people who occasionally experience back pains.

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Teeter Hang Ups effectively and naturally relieves back pains through gravity which is why you don’t need to suffer from sleepless nights anymore. It is completely safe and durable that even if you are completely inverted for sure you will never fall head down on the floor. The ankle clamps are padded so you will feel comfortable while using it; and you can also purchase the additional gravity boots to ensure that you will not fall down.

Unlike all bulky fitness equipments in the market, the Teeter Hang Ups can be folded and stored on the tight corners of the house. You also don’t have to worry about the stinky and sweaty odors on the nylon mat because it is detachable and washable.


Many users say that using this product caused ankle or foot pain. Hanging upside down became very painful for them, but it is indeed normal for those who are using it for the first time. Hanging for longer hours for the first weeks can also contribute to this pain.

Many also say that the Teeter Hang Ups is too heavy; it actually weights 68.5 pounds and that could be a problem when you need to fold and store it. But on the contrary, this is what you must expect for a durable and safe inversion table.

Teeter Hang Ups are you simple solution to reduce your back pain naturally. Remember this Teeter Hang Ups review and for sure you will be amazed with this product once you saw it.

Teeter Hang Ups review from other customers:

J. Lacefield

“I brought this table to relieve the pain in my neck. It worked so well, and even my mom (she’s 68 years old) uses it.”

J. Brown

“I have scoliosis that causes pain on my sciatic nerve; but when I used the Teeter Hang Ups daily for a few minutes the pain reduces and I can sleep better at night.”

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