Turbo Fire Reviews

Turbo Fire
The Turbo Fire workout is a ninety day workout plan. This workout program is the latest addition to Turbo Series by Chalene Johnson. This program is composed of up to 12 different workouts contained in 10 DVDs, with workouts enduring in time in as little as ten minutes to fifty-five minutes. The program involves a cardio workout routine that has originated from hip hop dancing as well as kickboxing and will burn up a whooping 9 times more fats than your usual cardio workout. You really do not have to worry if you are new to Chalene Johnson’s workout programs as she is taking you through exercise routine and explains thoroughly how to do the routines properly.
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There are different workouts comprising the Turbo Fire Workout and these are:

  1. Core 20/ Stretch 40/ Stretch 10 Classes
  2. Stretch 40 / stretch 10 Classes
  3. Sculpt 30/ Tone 30 Classes
  4. HIIT 25/ Stretch 10 Classes
  5. Fire 45 EZ/ Stretch 10 Classes
  6. Fire 55 EZ/ Stretch 10 Classes
  7. HIIT 15/ Stretch 10 Classes
  8. Fire 30/ Stretch 10 Classes
  9. Get Fired Up
  10. HIIT 20/ Stretch 10 Classes

Turbo Fire Reviews – What users are saying?
According to the Turbo Workout Reviews published by users online, the secret behind this program’s excessive fat burn is the program’s Fire Drills. These are high intensity workouts that last for about 1 minute, followed by a very fast period of recovery. This kind of exercise routine is also known as High Intensity Interval Training and had been guaranteed to be a very effective method for calorie burning and getting rid of weight. High Intensity Interval training, or simply HITT, keeps the metabolic rate pumped up even after the workout is finished for up to 48 hours.
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Turbo Fire

This workout program comes with everything that you will ever need to obtain great Turbo Fire results. Upon purchase, you will as well get the fitness guide entitled Turn Up the Burn. This is a guideline that explains the workout program thoroughly and will teach you more about HITT and why it is so successful. Along with the Turbo Fire workout program comes the so called Fuel the Fire Nutrition Guide. This will teach you what kind of foods to take in and how much. The Fuel the Fire Nutrition guide takes the pressure off you so that you can simply follow the program and get great Turbo Fire results.
Where to buy Turbo Fire?
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