Freeletics Workout Review

Freeletics is an innovative workout program that specifically focuses on cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and muscular endurance. The high intensity workouts in the program were designed to utilize body weight only, allowing for total freedom for its athletes.

The functional and high intensity body weight workouts can be done anywhere at any time, and usually take between 15 to 45 minutes to complete. Freeletics focuses on the most important components of physical fitness to maximize the efficacy of training and unleash the free athlete’s full potential.

Types of training

Freeletics is a combination of three types of training: workouts, runs and exercises. These three types of training are ideal for impressive results and maximum progress.

  • Workouts are a set of exercises in different volume which allow for training of cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance and muscular strength.
  • Exercises are repetitions of a single movement ranging from low to high volumes of repetition to improve strength, speed and stamina.
  • Runs are ideal for training cardiovascular endurance and complementing a strength training program. Freeletics running consists of highly intense sprints, middle and long distance runs.

The combination of these high intensity training forms allows for optimum results despite significantly shorter workout times.

Who Freeletics is designed for?

The workouts are highly effective and cater to everyone – beginners or pros. Both men and women can become a free athlete at any fitness level. Training plans are personalized for every individual’s goals, needs and fitness level.

Workout Coach

The Freeletics program offers premium products such as the Workout Coach to ensure maximum results and continuous progress. The Coach is designed by experts to provide the most individualized and dynamic program to ensure free athletes get the most effective training regimen.

The Coach analyzes fitness test results and experience to generate detailed training instructions perfectly adapted and tailored for each individual. The personalized coaching guarantees results, whether the goal is to gain muscle, lose weight or be athletic and healthy.

Nutrition Guide

Another premium product offered in the program is the Nutrition Guide. The guide focuses on knowing the value of nutrition, instead of calorie counting and fasting. It boosts the free athlete’s performance through step-by-step guidance towards a healthy diet.

The Nutrition Guide features easy to follow rules and simple recipes to ensure the free athlete eats clean to maximize training results. The right nutrition provided in this guide gets the free athlete significantly closer to achieving goals and results.


The training methodology is the perfect combination of workouts and proper nutrition for the fastest way to obtain any individual’s desired results. The revolutionary training system also offers an effective approach to keep free athletes motivated in pursuing their goals. The community of more than 4 million athletes is a great platform to motivate, support, advice or share results with each athlete around the globe.

The training program features over 700 workouts, exercises and runs variations. The professional training routines target every aspect of physical fitness for maximum progress. The program determines exactly which workouts to do and offers instructions for every step of the training plan. The program is accessible via mobile and web applications.

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