Oxygen Feed from Exercising

If you have read our previous post – What do fit people say? You may be wondering what is it about exercise that produces all those positive effects? For one is – Oxygen Feed.

Aerobic exercise does for the body what no other activity can do because of one major event: utilization of oxygen. Sure, we all take in oxygen just by breathing. But when we exercise, we take in greater amounts of oxygen, and we deliver it more deeply in the body. This is good for us and makes us feel good.

Your body welcomes additional oxygen and makes good use of it – like it was extra income. Your body says, “Oh oxygen, I am glad you are here. I know just what to do with you. I am going to send some of you down to the toes, some up to the brain. Let’s spread the wealth and send more of you everywhere throughout the body. And since you are here, let me clean out some space. Let’s start with those arteries, and then we will go to…”

The body loves regular bouts of oxygen-rich exercise and like a welcomed house guest, makes accommodations for it. These accommodations are the training effect benefits. Training effects from regular exercise show up in the body not only during exercise but also while the body is at rest.

When you consider the physiological benefits of exercise, it is not hard to figure out why exercise makes us feel better. But because “feeling is believing”, we are going to share with you 2 very short simulations for feeling better in our next post. Stay tune…

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