What Do Fit People Say?

Tap into the mind of fit people. Take a deeper look into their mindset. We need to learn from them to consistently exercise daily and stay healthy.

Have you ever noticed people after they have exercised? Have you ever seen runners or walkers after their runs or walks, swimmers after their swims, cyclists after their rides? Very often, their eyes and skin have a radiant glow, they have an energetic “bounce” in their step, their posture is more erect than that of others, their movements reflect better than average balance, and they move with confidence. You will probably notice how confident and relaxed they appear.

If you were to ask these exercising people how they feel since including regular exercise in their lives, what would you expect to hear them say?

  • Exercise made me feel lethargic, grouchy, stressed.
  • Exercise made me feel worse about myself.
  • Exercise made me look pale and pasty.
  • Exercise made me feel and look terrible in my clothes.
  • Exercise made me fatter.
  • Exercise made mysleep patterns poor.
  • Exercise made me start smoking, start drinking.
  • Exercise made my (non-exercising) blood pressure go up.

Of course not! You probably know that people who exercise regularly claim just the opposite. They boast of renewed energy, a better outlook on life, a tendency to eat healthier foods, a better quality of sleep and much more.

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