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What Do Fit People Say?

Tap into the mind of fit people. Take a deeper look into their mindset. We need to learn from them to consistently exercise daily and stay healthy. Have you ever noticed people after they have exercised? Have you ever seen runners or walkers after their runs or walks, swimmers after their swims, cyclists after their […]

6 Stretching tips to do at home

It is good to keep yourself healthy or maintain your fitness by doing some stretching daily. It can be after you wake up in the morning or before and after a workout at home on your favorite home fitness equipment.

Sample 12-Week Walking Program for Beginners

Always warm up and cool down gradually. Week 1: Walk 1 mile in 24 minutes 5 days a week. Week 2: Walk 1 mile in 22 minutes 5 days a week. Week 3: Walk 1 mile in 20 minutes 5 days a week.

Cardio-respiratory Fitness and Aerobic Exercise

Also known as cardiovascular fitness, cardio-respiratory fitness refers to the capability or fitness level of your heart, blood vessels, lungs and breathing mechanisms. Here is a simplified version of how they work and why they are important:

Make Time for a Warm-Up and a Cool-Down

Each exercise session should begin with a warm-up and conclude with a cool-down. A warm-up increases blood flow to the working muscles and increases body temperature. This decreases the likelihood of muscular or joint injuries. A warm-up can be in the form of light calisthenics or performing the same exercise activity at a very low […]

Fitness begins in the mind

It may sound funny, but fitness starts in your mind. In order to get your body moving, it is helpful to get your mind ready and receptive to the idea. So relax and take a slow, deep breath. Here we go?

Make Exercising Fun With the Proform 850 Elliptical with Gamefit Technology

Even fitness gurus will tell you that getting fit just isn’t much fun because very few people enjoy spending extended periods of time in the gym. But I recently found the Proform 850 Elliptical with Gamefit Technology, and this piece of machinery has changed my mind. This machine is loaded with great features that make […]

A Tacx Fortius Review: Learn How to Get a High-Tech Workout at Home

I learned from reading some Tacx Fortius review recently that this machine is not like your other traditional home fitness machines. This is a high-tech training machine that uses virtual reality technology to give you an amazing workout every time you use it and is perfect for people looking to enjoy a change of pace […]

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